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Welcome to the ONLY Motivational Conference That is ALL about YOU!

Motivation, Inspiration, Fun, Prizes, Awards, and Gratitude for the Work You Do Answering the 9-1-1 Call...


Join us for our 2nd Annual 


Motivational Conference

CHICAGO - 2015!

September 17 & 18, 2015




Chicago Marriott Naperville

1801 North Naper Boulevard

Naperville, IL  60563








Imagine a place where you are free to share your toughest calls, hear from others their greatest struggles and then realize how you not only survive but be lifted up and celebrated.

There is now a conference that is built for you. It is only about you and the calls you take and the job you do!

 If you ever wondered why 9-1-1 dispatchers are not truly recognized as heroes and celebrated as the 1st First Responders, you are not alone. And you will never be left alone again!





THE 9114911 conference is the 1st ever Motivational and Inspirational Conference that cares, acknowledges and allows everyday heroes like you tell your story.

Have you ever heard about a call and wondered about the dispatchers as to how they are doing and how they are handling such atrocious events? Have you ever wondered how others carry on day after day, shift after shift and still you ask yourself "why do we put up with it all?" When tragedy hits, have you ever asked yourself the question "What about the dispatchers?"




Do you want to hear from dispatchers/telecommunicators/supervisors/directors, and others just like you who are not only surviving but succeeding doing the job?! And, do you want to share your stories with someone who really, truly "gets what you do?"

Come spend two days at this one of a kind event that will bring it all together for you! Meet people just like you who have suffered, worked countless (and thankless) hours of overtime to keep answering the call for help! And win PRIZES!

This conference is like none other for it highlights the struggles, the stories, and the triumphs of people just like you! (It might be YOU up there on stage or one of your co-workers.  If you are interested in presenting, click this link,


Why? Because you have plenty to share! You have a reason to be heard. Maybe all you need, is to come and talk and listen, and share your stories; you know, the baby delivery, the saves, and the funny calls!


This is the place where you belong. There are plenty of opportunities and places to go and learn how to do the job and what to do on the job but this is where you come and celebrate YOU for doing the job and just being YOU, the hero that you are!


You will meet incredible, amazing, heroes like yourself who have a passion for the job (new or fueled by years of service) and you will be amazed! You will share with folks who walk among you representing the best of the best in your chosen profession. You will learn from others who simply want to help lend a hand and help you achieve peace, understanding and encouragement.


If you have ever had a bad day, a bad call or just a bad time when it felt like nobody was listening to you, then do whatever you can if you have to move heaven and earth and be part of something that will amaze you and fulfill you!  The speakers, the prizes, the topics of discussion, and the entertainers are all brought to you by those who are currently or have been in the chair or answered the call!


In other words, you're home! You are among friends and family! And most of all, YOU MATTER and you will be celebrated!


(did we mention prizes as our way of saying THANKS!?)


Come give support to those who might be struggling to just get by. There are things not allowed at this conference though; no "have to attend" sessions, no vendors selling equipment or software or hardware, no sales push of any kind. Above all else, no negativity allowed. If you bring it! You will quickly want to "check it at the door" for this is not one of those sessions!!!


This is THE conference that celebrates, recognizes and acknowledges YOU! No more asking "What about the dispatchers?" for we lift you up where you belong.  Isn't it time?


It is your time and YOU are the only one who can choose to make it a reality. We are expecting lots of heroes and we will honor every single one! There will be prizes upon prizes and fun galore!


What will you do to feed YOU and your self-esteem again? What is it worth to you to feel recognized and rewarded as the hero you are!  You've asked for it, now what are you going to do to make it happen? If this was your only chance, only opportunity, then there should be nothing to stand in your way or hold you back!


Or, maybe you want to send a co-worker who needs it as much as or even more than you do? Maybe you can share some of the costs since you share so much of the journey. Either way, you will not regret this chance to be re-energized!


You are used to making things happen for others and fixing their problems or issues. What if there were two days that were just for you and a big party being thrown just for you, would you come? Those who attended before will tell you it was more than worth it and one attendee said, 

"I truly enjoyed being at the conference last week. Since I have come back to work I have been mindful of being in a positive mood. It has helped a lot.

I am beyond interested in attending next year and doing a Boot Camp. I already have so many ideas going through my mind! I am EXCITED!!! 

I love my job and I also love exercising. My goal is to motivate other telecommunicators to get active and get healthy. My dream is on the right track." 

 Betty McCullough


Are you curious enough yet?? Do you want to know what you missed last time? Listen here for more,


This is your party, your celebration, and your conference that will make you strong again! (Did we mention there will be prizes; lots of prizes!)!!

Better than an energy drink or a "powered up" boost from any can or bottled drink, this is 100% pure motivation and high octane energy that will last you until the next annual conference!

****************** YOU can make it happen *******************

Secure your registration below right now!  Seats are limited. Seriously, we believe we might max out the event due to the HUGE success last time! 

JUST BE THERE and don’t be the one left out, wishing they had gone.

For agencies only:  To pay by check, please complete the form here - file:///C:/Users/KRasmussen/Downloads/Registration%20Form%20-%209114911%20Conference%20(2015).pdf

Or Call 517-543-6141 if you have questions.



Remember to post and share the website to share with others and ask who's going to be there!


We want to share 1 more Telecommunicator's view of the conference;



You guys rock! Best conference EVER!!! The word is being passed 



Now Get Started!  Register Right Now!


We've priced this conference so everyone can afford to attend!  For only $297/person, you get 2 full motivational, inspirational conference days!


P.S. You want to make this first annual conference so you can collect your mementos for years to come!



ALSO:  Remember that you are doing this for you which means your co-workers will appreciate it, your family will appreciate it, and most of all YOU will appreciate it because you are doing something for YOU!




Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made more than 2 weeks in advance will be credited toward a future class/conference for someone from your agency. Cancellations made less than two weeks in advance will not be credited or refunded. A substitute may be sent.